About Us

Nicola McGuire and her husband John Thomas created the Lone Wolf brand, they are a husband and wife team from Galway, Ireland. They are the people behind iconic brands such as The Warehouse Gyms, Flexi Nutrition, PWR Balls, Thomas & Co Cafe’s and Gym Armour. Nicola is the lead vocalist with renowned Wedding Band “The Cosmonauts”. Nicola is an international award winning singer and the likelihood is she has sung at your wedding, a friends wedding or you’ve been to a wedding she’s sang at. This power couple recently had their first child, a baby boy named after John’s late father Liam Snr. We started Lone Wolf as we both had a passion for the fitness industry, having owned a number of very popular gyms in Ireland and helping establish a number of other now successful gym / gym chains we feel that we had the inside track on what was popular, what worked and what we knew we could do better. So Covid gave us time off, it allowed us to plan out our next move and the idea of Lone Wolf was born. So just like that we got to work on building a brand, studying the market and reaching out to our contacts in China, Sri Lanka and throughout the Middle East. We wanted to create a range of clothing that was stylish, comfortable and could be worn in and out of the gym, we feel our Lone Wolf range offers just that. 
Everything we do now is for this little guy, he is our everything, affectionally called “Little Wolf”.